Monday, August 25, 2008

The Sacred Path to Immortality.

You know, i seldom do guides as i felt most of my other fellow bloggers has already covered enough. Other then the "Hooked on Books" entry, no other post has pretty much been a guide.

This entry might seem like a bedtime story to most of you as you had already pass this stage (lol sorry im slow) but im quite sure it would help the mortals. As i can understand the irritation caused when you spammed your guildmates or friends for guidance.

Anyways 24th August 2008 marks the rebirth of Cooldude21, the Hunter!


Coolio looks up at the crimson skies as the sun slowly set down into the horizon, and galloping sounds led his attention to the town's gate. Two hunters riding throughbreds ghosted past, together with their cargo trailer. Coolio managed to catch a glimpse of what is inside, and saw a sight anyone would envy. The cargo trailer was filled with Laktorerium Powders, scraps, some rare armors and precious stones like Garnet and Diamonds.

Coolio looked up to the hunters as he yearned to be one. He was a BeastMaster long enough, he wanted to learn something new. He knew that would not be possible for some time to come. But somehow, as though his Destiny beckoning, he found himself walking towards a glowing bush. With his Destiny, he dug and found something so rare, its worth alot of gold. There it was, the Unicorn and Phoenix Spirits.

God Ingredients
Alright, i cant guarantee 100% im correct bout making a Sephiroth as i got it as a Sephiroth itself, but i think you need the 8 Stones from fated Ores and something else. (Please comment if you know how)
But i do know the rest, you would need the Sephiroth, with a Unicorn Spirit (rare), a Phoenix Spirit and 10 Sapphires.
Following that, you go to either king, or you can simply type /king if you belong to a kingdom. Above the guard where you do your 220 emblem quest, there is a lady called the Oracle. Talk to her and she will form for you the Eternal Stone.

My bad, forgot to feed my Fenrir. lol.
My fenrir got hungry as i forgot to feed it before i go for this quest and therefore it bit the Oracle's head. She escaped unhurt but with a smelly and wet head.
Next, you equip the Sephiroth and Eternal Stone at the slots where you put your PD/AD Stones, Resistance Stones, Crit Stone slots.

After that, with those equipped, you talk to the king and he will bless you with immortality! :D But my Fenrir's tummy growled again and bit the King's Parade Horse's a$$. ZOMG.

My Fenrir "horsing" around lol.

Finally, after like 4 months of playing, i finally turned God. Yipeee! So excited but the thought of being a noob again spoilt my party lol. jk. Who knows when i will get Celestial next? maybe years later lol.

Haha im a DragonBall Wannabe.
Weeee! so thrilled and WYD now has more meaning for me other then just hunting etc haha. Thanks guys for the generous comments and compliments some of you has given me in-game. Really appreciate you guys reading and i love you guys!

Your Royal Coolness,


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MSTR-FOEMA said...

hehe nice that you made a guide in a story, no more noobs spamming HOW TO TURN GOD CLASS PLZZZZ anymore i guess :P gud job :D