Friday, August 8, 2008

Reasons for NOT blogging?

A little food for thought (part I)

A little praise goes a long way.

Have you ever done some stuff and hoped that people would take notice of it and praise you?

Like how a backstage setup crew got thanked by the actors on stage for their sweat and hard work when the curtain's bout to close.

Like how a roadside sweeper got appreciated by a passerby for cleaning up the streets to keep the city free of litter and fallen leaves.

Like how a washroom cleaning lady was complimented for keeping the toilet odour-free and hygenic enough to visit.

Little words of appreciation and thoughtfulness like these examples, really do motivate them in a long way.

Couldnt you agree more?


My reason for not making a blog earlier (i only took part in week 2), was cause i was afraid,
  • No soul (no i dont mean soul characters lol) would ever read my blog. Yeah i tell myself mortals and god characters would tho. (pardon me, too much of a WYD freak lol.)

  • i wouldnt have the time to update it due to my busy schedule coupled with my studies.

  • erm. im sure theres more, but i cant think of any as at now lol.

But no, look what WYDians' Journal has done to me!

For point 1, CM Dhar's comments of praise not only brought me up to cloud no.9 but also prove to me that people do actually read my blog! Giving me extra motivation and reasons to blog for you readers! :D

For point 2, yep im having my exams in around 2 weeks. Unlike phycoTCOS who has to leave game for 5 months as he needed to study for a very major exam! (all da best bro!). My exams aint any minor, in fact it's highly likely that it would be the last academic exam i have in my life. But with WYDians' Journal rewards and bonuses, i seriously cant bear to quit this game or stop bloggin! Once again, im motivated to blog even with my exams round the corner.

Okay you're prolly thinking that what has all these gotta do with my 1st part of today's entry? ([a little praise goes a long way] for you lazybums who doesnt wanna scroll up. lol)

Its because of CM Dhar's comments, just one; is sufficient to enthral me to keep on blogging! Therefore, dont you think that even little actions or moves could make a significant amount of difference to another person?

Reason for this entire post is to let you faithful readers of mine, to open up, to comment more on the entries/blogs, whatever's in your mind. (i'd even play Aunt Agony if u need me to) Bloggers and writers love to read comments (for most lol) as it shows that readers are actually reading and thinking bout their entries.

So, you guys are totally welcome to comment on my blog (i even allowed anonymous commenting haha), even negative feedbacks are very much appreciated as those would definitely make me improve. So, now start commenting on other peoples' blog to make a difference to them! :)

Okay, so Cooldude has sprouted a whole chunk of gibberish(for some who think that way lol), sorry cos im totally engrossed and hyped up in writing! :D

So heres the MAIN reason, yes i promise the main mainer mainest (lol) reason for this entry, is because *drum rolls*




im going to post something on the weekends that will require you guys to post some comments! i promise it's gonna be rewarding if you guys stick around and watch this space!

Oh and if you find my blog wordy and have no pictures, fret not! cos tomorrow's post im gonna post some nice screenies alright? stay tuned!

alright peace out fellow WYDians and friends,


p/s. thanks CM Dhar once again, i really appreciate your compliments. like totally. :)

p/s/s. grats Soloran for having a fresh feature!

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