Monday, August 11, 2008

Maintenance Tuesday.

Its Maintenance Tuesday! As usual we have some updates, this time not as many but BOY, did it had a great impact. You might have already heard it from the WYD webpage already.

Oh wait, the entry before regarding the trivia is closed, and MSTR-FOEMA is the sole winner! :D grats bro and thanks for participating! My character indeed is a nature BM and we'd touch more about it maybe tomorrow. :)
From WYD webpage you would see this,
Here are the updates to be implemented after our weekly server maintenance on August 11, 2008.
Game Updates:
Graphics Enhancement
♦ You cannot open multiple clients at a time
♦ The Hot Server will now be based on Server Game Time
WTFFFFF u must be exclaiming now at the sentence highlighted in red. Well, im affected by it as well, but i heard theres a Game Renamer thats floating around which could help you to double log, but whether its illegal or not its not known yet.

Today tho, im gonna touch on the one the graphics enhancement! More noticably, the armors we're wearing. So off i went, interviewing some townsfolk im gonna play interviewer of WYD Live TV.

So i saw Martin of Armia near the PK Arena, and i proceeded to ask him about the recent updates and how he felt.

Cooldude21: Yo Martin, how's it going?

Martin: Ahh, you here to buy some Herbs? (ROFLMAO, refer to Tuta's entry)

Cooldude21: Nah, Im here to ask you bout the recent updates, how you feel about the graphics now?

Martin: Ohhhh, I always spectate fights held in this arena and had seen alot of variety of fashionable armors, but they all lose out to me in terms of fashion.

Cooldude21: Erm *coughs*, why so Martin?

Martin: Simply because, im the Ricky Martin of WYD.

Runs away before he performs a "She Bangs" lol.

I shuddered at the thought of it and fled to the Arena and guess who i saw? Mr Fashionable himself! HighTemplar who won Aki's Award of Fashion! (11.8.08)

I dunno why, but in my screen he appeared like this. >.<

After that i went to my mentor, guess who? Its Archimaster, my BM Skills Master! Apparently he was too pissed to talk to me. Arnold, his best mate told me that Archimaster was pissed that CM Aruman went for cosmetic surgery and looked just like him.

Turns out that Archimaster was termed the Most Fashionable Man Alive in WYD for decades until CM Aruman changed his image lol.

Pissed, Very very pissed. No not him, ME lol.

New CM Aruman Look (from CM Dhar webbie)

Bah, this is not gonna bring me anywhere, so off i skipped to Nifleheim to see my pretty little gorgeous, Shany.

Cooldude21: Hey babe, do i look any sexier after the update?

Shany: Yep, still as hot baby!

Cooldude21: WOOTNESS!

Shany: ...

You brought me to Cloud 9 baby!

Feeling so high, i returned to the Inn to write up on a summary on today's interview with WYDian's Townsfolk and it all boils down to this two, acclaimed Most Fashionable WYDian Award by many, not including Martin of cos. (LOL)

Looks like Aki got a tough decision to make.

Clash of the Titans! :O

Alright guys hope you enjoyed today's post. once again grats MSTR-FOEMA for winning yesterday's trivia, i'd pass you your prize once i get in game.

Have fun peeps!

Your Royal Coolness,



Anonymous said...

HighTemplar: Hahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahah NICE NICE NICE NICE NICE!!! I love it man. Dude You're Hillarious! You gana get 5 laks fosho hehe

Cooldude21 said...

hahaha! glad you liked it bro, haha. hehe thanks i hope i'll win too!

i wanna tag your blog too but i really cant find it lol >.<

newbcake said...

lol at "she bangs" im also gonna run away! =D