Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sharing IS Caring. (Laks to be won!)

Sorry if my blog entries seems a little outta content nowadays, as i got major exams coming up and my girl's granny just passed away i needa attend the funeral, but i will try my best to update all i could.
So you read about the money cube, and how dangerous or practical it could be. and my tips which was learning to stop. But DAMNIT i couldnt stop!

im so hooked onto the money cube now that i can hardly find any content to post! cos all i do is i play the money cube!

Hooked on Cube >.<

Bah lets no put the spotlight on the cube anymore, but while reading my previous entry, did you notice a guy named James?

yes, he offered to give me 20million more to play the cube. Thats a gesture of friendship, and sharing. He may appear like a loanshark now lol, but he does not expect me to return his 20million (right James? LOL)

See, sharing can be so much fun, not only does it lets u gain Karma (something i believe in), it gives happiness and gratitude.

However, being the broke lil chap that i am now, i could not just anyhow give away stuff to people. So im gonna share THREE Lak Powders with you guys! Yipeee!

So peeps reading this! Holla if youre here! (start commenting!)

Im gonna share my Laktorerium Powders (three of them) with people who answered this trivia question correctly. Here are some of the house rules...

  • Sorry anonymous fans, you cant take part in this as i wanna be fair to the others.

  • Summit your answer at the comments link below.

  • Please link up your blogs so people could visit your blog too. :)

  • If lets say due to poor response and only one participant or one correct answer, he will have all three Lak Powders.

  • Please note, only one try per blogger.

  • If theres much participation, only the first three who got it right will have One Lak Powder each.

  • Participants will have to leave their in-game nick and i will hunt them down by switching servers and typing /nick.

  • Or you could just let me know when youre on by commenting again lol.

Sounds fun? Here we go.

Trivia Question.

What is Cooldude21's Class and Specialty? (meaning example, Transknight, Faith)

Alright dont let the pictures at my blog fool ya! good luck have fun! hope the participation rate will be high. :)

Your Royal Coolness,



MSTR-FOEMA said...

ur a BM nature :P You owe me 3 laks bro :P and I am sorry for your girl's granny, hope she gets over it soon..

CM Dhar said...

can i join. i can also include your level stats etc resistance lol kidding :)

and i agree sharing is caring :p

MSTR-FOEMA said...

lol cm dhar can include ur weps stats and armors lol

Cooldude21 said...

lol CM Dhar u needa gimme 14866453657 million if u wanna take part xD

okie thanks for your presence MSRT-FOEMA realy appreciate it. Youre the sole winner of 3 laks! :D

keep on commenting alright? hehe.

see you in game mstr :D