Saturday, August 9, 2008

Money Cube - Blessing or Bane?

Disclaimer: Please be warned that the following entry could make you a billionaire or make u a maniac. Cooldude holds no responsibility to your result of after reading this entry. (if youre the former maybe 10% of your billion. heheh)

Today im gonna cover with you guys on an item, one so powerful or destructive that could make or finish a WYDian in an instant. No its not Kryptonite, nor is it my legendary SpongeBob SquarePants Boxers.

Ahhh WYDians run!

Yes, its the Money Cube... *Lightning strikes, wind blows*

It was introduced after the recent patch (5th August 08) and it had a selling price of at 1st 3million for a pack of 10. and then it slowly went down to 500k-1million.

At first when people tried it, they received a message like, "Try another server" and it was then revealed that the money cube could only be used when the Khepra of that server is dead.

I heard of the craze bout money cubes and i couldnt care less so much so i rather go play ice cubes. So yesterday, one faithful day, i met an old mate of mine. He shared with me how he made his fortune. So woah he treated me to 20 boxes of money cubes.

So off we went, playing with our money cubes, well i had my fair share of ups and downs. You see, i only had 50million, and i tried 10million each time. So i went to my final 30million and i said, "no pain no gain!" and poof it became 60million.

Then i had a streak of luck and i had 80million in cargo and 40million at hand. Thats a cool 70million profit already! So i lost my 40m, i tried another 40m lost it, and then i went to 0. Well you get the point its all a vicious cycle.

Halfway playing my cube CM Dhar paid us a little visit! Hehe finally someone who can face the gigantic CM Dhar straight in the face. :P

We feast on Molochs for breakfasts lol.

Hehe, so i went on further to play my cube and tadah! i lost all my gold -___-'' My mate from SD gave me a further 20million but i gambled them away after awhile too. thanks james anyways i know youre reading this.

So the tip (what? a tip from a bankrupt?) im gonna give you guys is gonna apply to all forms of gambling. Be it betting on Beijing2008, playing blackjack with your relatives or even guessing the colour of undies your neighbour is wearing,





Yes, when i made 70million i should have stopped and npc-ed the money cube. but no, greed got the best of me and i proceeded to lose all. Only when you learn to stop, will you be a gambler who wins.

Oh and to make myself feel better, i conjured up a folklore about the money cube.

Suck-Your-Money Cube. lol.

Oh well, just gotta pick myself up from this fall. (donations are welcome LMAO)

Bah, still no comments if not i might have to scrap my idea


start commenting guys puh-lease. lol.

heheh. oh well off to the dark corner for me to emo my day away.

Have fun guys, good luck to you if youre trying the money cube! :D

Your Royal Coolness,




lol that was a nice one man :D

newbcake said...

*points to last post*
I forgot to mention my name... lol

newbcake said...

my bad may post was not posted coz of some unknown reason lol

yeah greed is bad...
I lost all my gold in my first try of it, i didnt even think of saving some gold first XD

btw thx for ur comment =)