Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Events & Maintenance Tuesday. [26/8/08]

The title of today's post seems familiar and yes it has something to do with today's maintenance. However, its more of an introduction of the new events that are upcoming. Therefore its more of a more-about-events post haha.

I personally value and love events alot, even tho some events might disappoint me as i could not really attend or participate in.

Events to me, are special bonuses to let u spend your attention on. Dont you feel sick always CC-ing mobs, PK-ing, or AFK merchanting? I mean, its the same old process over and over again and thankfully, more in-game events are being introduced.

Games of the Generals is now a permanent activity in WYD, together with mini events like Scrap events and Royal Rumble (havent take part in them since they held at 3am but might) and not forgetting the wonderful Academy League.

They make me look forward to loggin into the game and im grateful that WYD has so much events in store for us (tho some are not as nice) Today i will touch on the two major events coming up today; namely The Olympic Quiz and the Mystic Journey.

Mystic Journey

This event is an event im 101% certain im not able to join. Imagine a treasure hunt combined with a wild goose chase and you have this event, however the reward might be very attractive. You have to collect items from all around WYD and in the end you will make an upgrader.

I do not have an exact idea and description of an upgrader, but i provided the link to WYD's event page, click the name or here to see.

Heres an image of a Map Piece for those who like to see how its like.

Gotta catch them all, 5 more to go!

Ah, what a cute event even though the prizes are nothing to be wow-ing about. 30k gold for answering a question right. lol. Its a multiple choice question related to the Olympics 2008 and they give you 4 choices.

What really impress me is that the GMs + CMs actually tried to connect with the community as the Olympics Games is a worldwide event that was just over. Imagine the facts and questions they have to think of to ask us, the effort put in; even thought i had seen repeats but bottomline is, the effort they are showing.

A screenshot of how the popup in your screen will look like when you answer it correctly and wrongly. (hope you guys can see it)

LOL study more?! Im here to play! lol :D
Hehe this event only lasts till the 2nd September tho, so have fun answering this funky trivias b4 it ends! haha.
Oh another "event" which also lasts till 2nd September is the Nell Gamble thingy. For 1 whole week, there would be a 20% Gamble Price Discount from the usual 500 wcoins? (correct me im wrong)
Maintenance today did not go smooth and had a hiccup where Merchant Nell could not be used and delay in reopening servers. The thoughtful GMs then compensated the players with a modified experience rate for 3 hours till 12:00 game time. Good job well done by them. haha.
Btw check out the banners of the events, looks really nice especially the Mystic Journey one tho the event aint as good lol (of cos imo)
For more information about changelog after today's maintenance click here to link to the CM Lair entry about the change logs.
Okay to end today's entry about the events available, check out CM Dhar's Blogsite for a possible upcoming event regarding Friendster and Facebook! heheh. enjoy ;)
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