Thursday, August 7, 2008

First Grand Post of My Blog!

heya fellow WYDians welcome to my blog and i sure hope you have a great time reading it!

First of all yo, lemme introduce myself haha.

My in-game nick is Cooldude21, im from Singapore and yes i know its cheesy to call yourself a Cooldude! Rofl. But cmon i retained this nick for old time's sake.

Truth is, i was from Supreme Destiny (Malaysia Version of WYD) and i used my old nick in return of hoping to find other fellow ex-SD citizens so that we could like u know, hang out like the past and have fun together and such.

i do not have a personal blog of my own (if i had i'd link u guys up to it) as i felt that i would not have the time to constantly blog and update it. This WYDians' Journal Event's not just gonna gimme some Lak Powders (hopefully the grand prize too) but also lemme try my hands at blogging!

and im pretty sure i'd pick up the basics of blogging, and i'd get hooked to blogging and stick around im sure i'd make my personal blog one day to let you guys know more bout me.

im pretty hyped up about bloggin as i believe i have a flair for writing and for today's post, not only am i gonna introduce myself which i already did, im gonna compare the GMs of WYD with the GMs of SD. (psst gossip-goers flock over now! xP)


kay, i must say i am really impressed that with WYD's GMs as compared to the GMs in SD. below are the reasons why at the point of writing.

  • WYD GMs are easily reachable, they are scheduled so as its a 24Hr service! How cool is that? (almost took over my coolness. xP) Compared to the service from SD's GMs, its a far far cry. (yes penguins over at Antartica lol, its that far!)

  • WYD has Q&A section,, which a player can easily access if they have a relevant need! not like in SD where you can only message GMs in their official Forums but they're like not always on there? wtf. geez.

  • WYD GMs are not corrupted! HAHAHA! No, u didnt read wrong. Rub your eyes, wash your face, its still there, the word "corrupted". Yes for WYDians who didnt know, the GMs from SD sold illegal edited gears, (like what AD stones with map and what not) to players for their own gains! I applaud the WYD's GMs for being upright and proud of their job and i wish them a smooth working experience!

  • Last but not least, to add to the fantastic service of GMs, now we have Community Managers! (aka CMs) They appear in-game, to assist in players' queries and maybe just to brighten up the mood! :D

So the next time you see a CM or a GM, praise and appreciate instead of complaining and whining; for they arent as bad as the GMs from SD.

stick around peeps for tomorrow's post of Coolness! Peace out.


CM Dhar said...

coolddude21 you really defend your nick by posting that uber cool article.. finally i found an article that deserves "5 laks" rather than 3.

So enjoy and i will be putting this article on the CM's Lair tommorow ^_^

advanced congratulations and keep it up :)

-CM Dhar
WYD Global Head CM

Anonymous said...

lol cooldude21! still playing SD huh? its me cursive, your fellow countrymate.. haha i just found out about this global wyd, and i was browsing thru wydeo site and saw a familiar name.. and it really is the old school cooldude from SD.. yeah, i just redownloaded the game, using the same nick, cursive, a hunter.. haha hope to see u ingame some time soon!

Cooldude21 said...

YO Cursive baby! eh you dont login your msn anymore? :(

yea its the same old cool hehe.

im usually on svr3 but its easiest if u msn me hehe.

enjoy bro! :D

n keep tagging hehe.