Friday, August 8, 2008

Games of the Generals!

Dear WYDians your attention please!
Mighty Red and Blue capes please hear!
Please eliminate the Red and Blue Generals blah blah blah!
Familiar? Its the GM's message to all about the Games of the Generals!

For poor mortals like me, we've got no clues how the event is like, other than fantasizing bout it via the WYD Website where players take part in the ScreenShot Contest.

But fear not fellow mortals! Salvation has arrived! With the recent patch (5th August 2008), Games of the Generals is here to stay! Whats more? Theres a mortal version right outside Armia!!! (Wootness)

So i was there, the debut of Games of the Generals Mortal Edition. Hell was there lotsa other players; all curious about the event.

CM Dhar and CM Nyx arrived at Armia before the Generals did, and did a motivation kinda talk (lol) to us encouraging us to take part in the event.

So here is CM Dhar, a kitty-like (or pussy lol) figure with con of maybe 20,000? She is wayyyyy taller than all of us. Wielding two froggy swords, one might thought they are harmless (like 45dmg 2 crit lol), so i went over and tried to pick her up.




Cooldude21: Hey there lady, you dont look local. Feeling lost and need a little help? *winks*

CM Dhar: Oh no, im from a faraway land and im here to inform you bout Evil Generals invading your land.

Cooldude21: Aww screw that, now lemme show you around town. *putting his arm around her* (lol like i could do that with CM Dhar being so tall)

AND POW WOW ALAKAZAM! CM Dhar whipped out 2 froggy swords and held me hostage! -__-''

CM Dhar: Thou shall not lay your mortal hands on me! (lol?)
yea was held hostage wtf lol

Thanks to a helpful foema, she FLASHED CM Dhar and i managed to scatter off hurriedly unhurt. So with my lingering breath, i dashed to Armia PK Arena trying to seek shelter. Guess who i found?

A figure in a long dress, with very fair skin and silky red hair. i approached her and tried to pick her up too! lol.

Cooldude21: Heya hotness, i dont think ive seen you around. Need a tour guide? (a leopard never changes its spots lol)

CM Nyx: 여보세요 안녕하세요? (Hello, how are you?)

Cooldude21: *Scratches head* Wtf i dont understand your language. Nevermind. *walks to the Event area*

CM Nyx: haha. fool. xP

CM Nyx in a korean traditional dress

So off i went to the Armia grasslands and see if what that pink panther murderer said is true. True enough, many warriors of our land were already there! They mobbed the Generals so hard that i could bearly find any Generals at all!

With squinted eyes, trying hard to focus i chanced upon dark figures with black capes. Yes! the Generals! They are called God Villi, God Bay and God Odin! But i rubbed my eyes a little, they're gone, mobbed by our brave WYDians lol.

Spot the Generals if you could lol.

Woah, outta no where, a Godzilla-cum-Diablo kinda dragon appeared! CM Nyx was beside him almost like King Kong and the girlfriend. Turns out he was CM God, i had too much lag to take a nice Screenie, so this was from the CM's Lair.

Beauty and the Beast? lol.

So we tolled long and hard for this war, from midnight till dusk and then till the sun rises. So worn out in battle that even my fenrir was lethargic from all the action. check the picture below to see what i mean lol.

Poor fenrir and me with our heads down.

Yippeee! the town of Armia is saved! and we all lived happily ever after (right. lol) Looking at our loots, its only a mediocre amount of scraps. So i heard shoutings and complaints about the reward for protecting Armia from the evil Generals is too little.

Holding the Laktorerium Scrap tightly in my hands, i too felt it was not really sufficient as a bounty. However, this event is on-going permanently (accurate as at now) so more scraps could be gotten.

Besides, defending Armia from this fallen souls of Generals from the past is for the greater good. So carefully, i placed the Laktorerium Scrap in my bagpack and grinned as i walked back to my abode;

together With My Destiny. How bout yours?

With in-game events like this, you could take a break from your usual CC-mode or Afk-merchanting. So lets enjoy the event (even with the lag).
peace out peeps. enjoy your weekend!

p/s. Guys, hoped you guys learnt how to comment, as you will need it tomorrow. Stick around for tomorrow's post for something rewarding! :D

Your royal Coolness,


CM Dhar said...

You make me "ROFL" on this blog entry... this is so gonna get another 5 laks tommorow XD.

a big LOL @ CM Nyx picture also the beheading scene with me XD ....

newbcake said...

CM Nyx is the jewel in the palace! haha!