Friday, August 22, 2008

Adding legs to a snake? O_O"

Its finally over. My exams that is. Tho i think i can barely pass, well its not up to me to decide now; so just maybe pray a little and just wait for the results. haha.

Well, today's topic gonna be about the multi client that CM Dhar has posted on his blogsite as well as the CMs' Lair. Reading bout it makes me think back of a story i read when i was a child. it goes something like...


Back in the olden times, theres this group of 5 children who loved watermelon juice and would often fight and quarrel for it. However, there was only about enough for only one.

Therefore their grandfather took out 5 pieces of paper and 5 pencils out for them.

"With your destiny (LOL), draw me a snake in the fastest time possible and i will reward him with the last glass of watermelon juice." said gramps.

Therefore there was this child, lets call him Alex, who drew the fastest and looking around, he saw the rest of them still barely started. Therefore feeling all proud, he started to draw legs on the snake to make it look better.

Just as he finally completed the final stroke to the final leg and raised his hands to get Grandpa's attention, another child did the same simultaneously.

Grandpa then gathered both their works and a minute of dead silence followed after. Grandpa then slowly shoke his head and walked towards Alex.

"Alex my boy, a snake doesnt have legs. This is therefore not a snake" remarked Gramps while patting his back.

Delightedly, the winner child took and gulped down the watermelon juice while Alex could only stare in disbelief.


In chinese, this idiom is called Hua She Tian Zhu. (sorry i dont have the chinese program lol.) Meaning, Adding legs to a snake.

It means that the action is redundant and uncalled for.

Can you not relate this to the removal of WYDWO.exe in the 1st place? The WYD Team mentioned, no multi-logging is allowed anymore after the patch. And then 2,3 weeks later they teach you how to. LOL.

Its not a flame to anyone but i just felt that the removal of the multi-logger was redundant in the 1st place. Causing me to recall of this childhood story. haha.

Nevertheless, i wanna thank them for reinstating multi-logging back into the game. Imho, i felt that its essential as it could help hunt stronger mobs and you get the point.

Btw, Soloran my fellow blogger has got some heartening issues in his blog, please visit his blog and read it, and if possible, fork out a minute or so to comment. Thanks.

Alright guys, exams are out! its time for PARTAYYYYY!

stick around guys!

Your Royal Coolness,

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