Friday, August 15, 2008

The Rivalry between Roses and Violets.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue. Sugar is sweet and so are you.

Oh really? not in this case tho. read on to see what i mean.




The sound of trampling hoofs made by the finest steeds of all WYD Land were heard from miles away. Motivational warcries rang through the dark skies from brave warriors. The clanging sounds of metal against metal blended in together with the soothing healing melodies made by foema healers.

No citizen dared to step out of their house but instead eyes peered from their windows. Hekalotian Warriors on their throughbreds and mounts; some even as rare as the mystical unicorns and the vicious fenrirs galloped across the town of Armia seemingly towards the Arena.

Coolio could not hold it anymore, and curiousity got the best of him as he dashed to the Arena to see what is happening. The sight of the scene was filed with gore and bloodshed, but together with respect and loyalty.

A sight to behold.

The finest of Akeronia's Men were battling with the Hekalotians for pride and respect. Zeus and Ares was there inside the arena, fighting away battalions of Hekalotia troops like TheBalance and S.H.I.E.L.D mainly. The Blues almost broke their defence and invaded the arena, but eventually failed when the Reds regrouped and took control again.

Akeronians holding their ground against Hekalotians.

Friends and people asked me a question which i took no hesitation to reply.

"You played Supreme Destiny (SD) and now youre starting over at With Your Destiny (WYD), dont you get sick of it at all?"

I hadda admit, at first i was, thats why i only joined WYD at 19 April 2008; a year after it was launched. I joined only because i got tired of owning people at DotA (hehe :P) and my mates from SD persuaded me to.

And since 19 April 08, i havent looked back. Apart from the f*cking money cube that made me a bankrupt, i have enjoyed WYD to the max. (thanks to events like these and helpful GMs and CMs)

What stays in common is the intense rivalry between the reds and the blues. Remember iAm + DyNasTy + Alliance VS ~GodKnows~, TheBalance, -666- and HeroS from SD? The rivalry was so tensed that the SD Forums was short circuited (nah jk lol). Quarrels, accusations and seriously juicy gossips packed the forums and it was a thrill to read them. Too bad WYD forums aint as established yet.
The Kingdom Wars, Guild Wars and defending of Bone Quest were so much fun and PK-ing was so much fun. Those were the days in SD when i truly enjoyed.
I havent had the chance to take part in any of those with Cooldude21 as im still saving for a god pack so im sorry i could not elaborate more bout WYD's warfare.
For those of you who are curious and interested about the warfare and history? Here is the link from the WYD website, which is quite clear and elaborate. Check the side column of that page for more links.
Kay, lets move on the the present. (literally present lol)
Yes i finally met MSTR-FOEMA in server 2 and i passed him his well-deserved prize of 3 Lak Powders! In case some of you are wondering why im playing Santa during the month of August, check out my post regarding Caring is Sharing.
Cheese! Yummy!
Only MSTR-FOEMA took part, sad to say but im contented and happy to share my 3 Lak Powders with him. I saw his merchant shop and saw a 30 dmg 25 def huntress gloves so i requested from him and he gave it to me almost simultaneously! :D thanks bro!
Grats once again MSTR-FOEMA bro! :D
Doesnt the 3 Lak Powders look yummy? Be sure to comment more and take part in future events i hold! :D
MSTR-FOEMA has done a great job with REALAMERICAN, his guildmate from Bushido and he wanted to do an interview with me too! I must say it was a 45 minutes time well spent with him as we both shared alot of our opinions and laughter. Check the Cool Interview to see what i meant hehheh. He even won the Aki Gossip of the Day Award lol grats.
After the interview we had another 10 minutes or so of testing damage at Azran Colosseum and had lotsa fun.

He found me when i was fishing apparently LMAO.

Food for thought: speaking of fishing, WYD could implement that? haha. Catch fishes that could give special buffs. hmmm idea. haha. imagine CC Fishing. sweetness lol.

That brings us to the end of today's entry! Stick around for more cool stuff!

Your Royal Coolness,



MSTR-FOEMA said...

nice essay and congratz on winning the blog entry of the day yesterday :D Hope you can win it tomorrow also :D good luck and have fun :)

Cooldude21 said...

hehe glad you enjoyed it bro. you too many keep on rawking! :D

and same to you hope u win too (: