Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics Fever Hits WYD Hard! (Part II)

Never to worry, as my style, i try never to drag my entries into too many parts as i believe in variety. This will be the second and last of Olympics fever. Today's entry gonna be more inspiration and full of food for thoughts, so prepare lotsa penny if you wanna know my thoughts. :P

i will not go through most of the sports later in my Screenies as i really do not follow them much. anything you might wanna share youre absolutely free to comment on it.

Today's entry will have something to do with Life + Death + Olympic Race. You might have read some of it elsewhere but again all these were written by me with my knowledge with 0% of plagiarism i assure you.


Coolio batting away the pingpong ball like a pro! For ONCE.
Table Tennis aka Ping Pong
As you might had read already, Singapore eventually lost to China but still had the Silver Medal. It was a great achievement for Singapore as this is their 1st medal in 48 years! I watched the match and i gotta concede to the fact that China indeed was too good for us.
In fact, the fact that they were such a powerhouse consoled me as it was really a great achievement to be second to a really invincible team. China only managed to win after an hour and some minutes; the longest they took to finish their opponents.
Therefore, kudos and congratulations to the table tennis women for doing us proud and putting the Singapore flag on billions of television sets and newspaper all over the world.
The Micheal Phelps of WYD in the making! lol.


Yes, Micheal Phelps did it. He broke Mark Spitz record and has eight gold in a single game. The Leviathan truly deserved his title of Greatest Olympian of all time as he regained the top position when his teammate lagged behind before him.

Micheal Phelps, fastest man in the water, congratulations to you and the USA. Now, if you're reading this, ure sure youre not from Atlantis or something? :/

Coolio and Dewata doing a synchronise move. Brilliant.

Synchronise Swimming

Guo JingJing, titled by many as the Princess of Diving, swept the Gold award in the events and this could be her last Olympics.

Pole Vaulting

A FrenzyDemonLord attempting to Pole Vault WTF?
Shot Put

Coolio shot puts with a Dragon Sphere. Try something heavier weaksauce!

Springboard - Gymastics

Wait Coolio youre still in Titan form you can jump that! -_-''

What a great feeling the winning Atheletes must have felt to be standing at the podium, with billions of eyes gazing on you, and thousands of camera and video lenses focused on you. They truly deserve the attention.

However there was this guy who won Bronze in wrestling or something but he was pissed he was penalised and only could get Bronze and he left his medal on the podium halfway and stomped off in a hurry. Lol wtf joker like cmon remember billions of people looking at you. :/

Coolio on his own makeshift Podium. Lets clap to make him happy. :/

Alright, now for the food for thought part, inspiration was gained from CM Dhar's and CM Nyx's blog entry about a security guard who died during his shift. Another source of inspiration was my girl's grandmother who passed away recently. Makes me feel that Life is so fragile and we should cherish it.

Don't you feel Life is like running in a Race? No, not the 100m dash kinda race but a long distance marathon. We are in a race against time and against ourselves.
Friends and relatives and accquaintances pass away and move on are like fellow runners who dropped out of the race. Perhaps due to fatique, heat-stroke or cramps. Yet, we could not stop down completely to cry and mourn for them. Yet we could pause or look back and then continue our race of life.
One should never continue looking back, dwelling in the past. Yet we should hold them dearly in our heart and memories and move on with the race.

And when the race finishes, if you did not finish within the top three, you don't have to feel sad or disappointed. Its not winning the race that matters the most, but its the experience you gained when you run the race.

Think about it guys, might make sense to you.

Your Royal Coolness,


p/s. Thanks dear, for telling me the video has been removed. Sad to say videos posting about Beijing Olympics are removed in a jifty due to copyright laws.

p/p/s. This screenies were not editted majorly, only with some add-ons with Paint (lol i know im noob.) Might do a exploration kinda post soon. stick around!


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