Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hook on Books?

Two papers down, final one to go tomorrow. and all thats left for me to do, is to pray i pass. haha. Recently i've been burying my head in books and im so hooked on revising that i even think about books when im in WYD!

Legend has it that he used to be a librarian. LOL.

You'll learn something here i promise. haha. afterall its a post all bout books in WYD. Also known as the Sephira skills, these are skills that all characters can learn. However, they are not easily gotten (not talking bout buying of cos) They drop from high level monsters from the Apes at SnowField to the Liches in Desert Dungeons.

They are really useful especially in battle. read on to find out bout the specific skill books!

Conjure Cannon (Req lvl 220)

A book useful only at the kingdom noatum as the only cannons are found there. This sephira skill allows you to control a cannon and hurl explosives at opponents. Very useful in kingdom wars as it has a terrifying range and hurts too. However those with low hitpoints or defence avoid using this, you might get owned when youre at the cannon.

Resurrect (Req Lvl 256)

One of the coolest book available is the Resurrect book. It allows the user to have a chance at reviving himself instead of going back to town. When it is successful you have a short invulnerabilty period and have a drop of hitpoints.

If it fails, oh well back to town you go. Especially useful for Guild Wars when you hope you could revive and help your comrades in battle instead of waiting at town.

Spectral Force (Req Lvl 256)

A must-have book that allows you to increase your attack range by 1! Does not matter if youre a map user or a melee attacker, you'd need this to gain a range advantage.

Of cos, it doesnt come cheap. By far the most expensive book in WYD. lol.

Thorn Wall (Req Lvl 256)

Cheapest book in WYD, this book grants you the ability to summon vine walls from the ground. It can sure take a couple of hits and could block roads if you spam them.

Might seem useless but back in SD, it is a useful spell when you do Nightmares as it helps to lure creeps and protect NPCs. nvm if you dont get it lol.

Concentration (Req Lvl 256)

Another must have book together with Spectral Force. This book allows you to have less misses be it if youre using magic or damage.

Huntresses' bane. Bah. :(

Alright enough bout WYD books, off i go to hit my books one more time for tomorrow's last paper!

Enjoy your day guys!

Your Royal Coolness,



Anonymous said...

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Cooldude21 said...

LOL thanks for reading clutchbowl (:

Dehumanizer ( said...

CoolDude I got question about Spectral force book. I am BM ele and I wonder does Spectra will make my skill Anger of Gnome range 6 or only 5 couse base range is 4. And if it will make range 5, does another use of spectra book will finally make range 6 in this skill ??