Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Journey of a Young Immortal.

Coolio finally fulfilled his destiny to be a hunter on 24th August 2008 and a new journey embarks for him. With newfound skills of the hunter, Coolio starts a journey With His Destiny.

First stop after the King granted Coolio the pass to Immortality, WYD Heaven.

Heaven is a place on Earth. Or not.

Coolio went into a warp portal right after the acceptance of the king and ascended into a holy place, the WYD Heaven. It was a beautiful to behold, and Coolio cannot help gasping.

Clouds and the clear blue sky was everywhere and Coolio found himself walking on air. "Cool!" he exclaimed and went back to WYD Earth to resume his journey.

The bare-naked Truth.
Transcended back to Earth, Coolio was a weak and pitiful sight. LOL. He had no clothes on and was a measly level one. Hurriedly, Coolio went to his abode and took out his armor parts he wore while he was a mortal.

Looking at his Bhopal Swords at his stash, Coolio hesistated to pick them up. Instead he walked out to the marketplace unarmed. With sharp eagle eyes, Coolio tried to look for a weapon suitable for the new him; alas there it was, an Elven Bow +5. (LOLOL serious im using this)

Ready for him to gain more experience, Coolio went to slay some boars outside armia. Past memories flashed across his mind with each squealing of a pig. ROFL. He was reliving his past as a young aspiring BeastMaster. Finally, the smell of the pigs got to him and he moved on to the Dungeon.

Visiting the Griffon Master at Armia, Coolio rode a level 50 Griffin? Lol.

Wished it was mine. =(

Overlooking all over the Armia Fields, the griffin swiftly brought Coolio to the Dungeon entrance. It was an thrilling ride throughout and one will wonder when the new mounts namely Griffins and perhaps Green Dragon will come out in WYD. hehe.

Finally Coolio was no longer a newb but a novice and he started to look for a guild. He went back to his previous Academy - Malaysia but realised Gods cannot join it. (i know beforehand of cos lol) Rejected, Coolio's head hung till he saw his old mates from Supreme Destiny (SD)

Woot PrOmiSe, Sub-head of guild ZEUS recruited me and i was rejoined with my past mates once again. TAHOE, DeneB, Zoro, -Chaos-, Total0wn, Arrancar, EnEmy0fSuN, Ryukz, Ebiru, FlintA and too many to mention all welcomed me with open arms and exceeding warmth.

With a newfound guild and new identity, Coolio seeks to level as fast as he could so he could join the ranks of the Zeus members at the shortest time.

So, CAN SOMEONE DO A N SHARE FOR ME PLEASEEEEE. sorry for caps, cant be helped no one do N shares nowadays! :(

Boo. Anyways for those who are as clueless as me yesterday about how Upgraders look like and their mechanism, here is a picture of how an Upgrader look like.

Risky AND Rewarding. :/
For a clearer info about Upgraders, click here to link to the WYD Global Webpage which will tell you more vital information.
Alright i hope you guys enjoy today's post and stick around! :D
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MSTR-FOEMA said...

nice one..hope you level up fast so we can pk :P

Cooldude21 said...

WOW i didnt win 5 laks for this entry. WTF? flabbergasted.