Friday, August 22, 2008

Wonders of Cosmetic Surgery.

I saw something familiar in the chat box when i logged in, which read "CM Dhar" and then i clicked on my wheel and twirled around hoping to spot him haha. I knew he had changed his skin but i still thought he kept his size and height lol.

And oh, there he was, in the mist of the Phillipinos at Galford. haha. So off i went to greet him. Oh for some of you who might have forgotten or didnt know how CM Dhar used to look, here you go, he was known for being pink, huge (and i mean really hugeeeeee) and sinister looking haha.

CM Dhar showing that size does not matter. lol.
So we started a conversation and i expressed my sincerity and i told CM Dhar that my previous post before this was not meant to flame but it was just a flashback of memory. So we conversed about the WYD Journal which is about to end at the 1st of September i think. heheh cant wait for it.
I heard that the WYD Journal might be extended due to increasing participation from fellow WYDians and i shall not reveal more, but advice you guys to check out the CM Lair on a regular basis if you are interested to know. hehe.
Nah just kidding, he wasnt that mean lol.
Looking back at my entries and the time i spent on WYD Journal, im proud to be part of its success and it had really changed me. You see, i have a personality that does not like to be tied down, and i'd only commit to something if i enjoy it, not just because its rewarding.
From a person who does not even know how to set up a blog, ive evolved into someone who loves to enjoy the limelight and share with others what my thoughts were and etc. Kay shall save the rest for the last.


So i asked CM Dhar bout the WYD Journal stuff and its not gonna end at 1st September so to those inspired readers of mine if youre interested, you still have the chance! :D

Finally, the question kept bugging me to let it out, so i blurted, "What makes you wanna change your skin?"

CM Dhar then explained that he wanted to look moreeeeeee sinister LOL. What a reason he should prolly take a skin of Mr Sinister, one of Marvel's villains lol. For those of you who are curious to know more about CM Dhar and the reasons of changing his skin, check out his blogsite at the right column of my page. hehe.

We, the bladers of WYD, lol.

Well, talking bout changing of skins, i felt that this feature could be implemented in WYD. Before the creation of your character, eyes, hair, skin tone and such could be personalised so that it would make you feel a sense of belonging! One game i heard which has this was Perfect World which my friend played. lol. (pssst heard its a grinding game. :X)

So the WYD team might say, yea but this might cause server lag and extra expenses etc etc. But say, what about a WYDen item that can only be bought by wcoins? Like a trip to Korea or Thailand for a cosmetic Surgery that you can re-edit your colours of the eyes, skin and all the adjustments that you can do!

Errr, why would we wanna do that? you might wonder. Well maybe for nicer screenies firstly. and how bout showing unity? Imagine a guild whos members only consists of yellow eyes, dark violet hair and crimson coloured skin? wont it look AWESOME? lol.

Kay enough of my random thoughts. haha hope you guys enjoyed reading,

stick around for more coolness! :P

Your Royal Coolness,

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