Sunday, August 24, 2008

In the midst of a dream.

"Go! Finish the Half Orc with your ferocious bite!" I commanded to my pet dragon puppy.

Light glimmered out from my dragon puppy as it gained another level from another long day of training. The night is falling and therefore we decided to head back to Erion to wash up.

The Dragon Puppy playfully used his tiny wings and splashed water at me while i was bathing it. "Alright boy, time for your beauty sleep. cmon lets go"

It has been a long day of training and i felt a sense of satisfaction as the dragon puppy started snoring. Resting my tired legs, i sat on a crate but my eyelids felt heavy and with every ounce of energy i tried to open them, it still closed eventually and i fell into a deep slumber.


When i woke up, i was in the middle of a bustling town full of people all around. But most of them were on mounts, not the usual mounts but high leveled ones! Amazed, i skipped around town looking at their awesome pets.

A Boar-ing couple. lol. yawns.

I spotted a lovely couple at the side of the town, away from all the noise from the town centre. They were on a pair of lovely high leveled boars!

Pooh Bear got honey all over him lol.
At the corner of my eye, something shiny and golden caught my attention. WOAH it was a high leveled bear! They spot a golden and shiny skin, showing the experience they had.

White Parade Horse at the Black Parade Concert by MCR.
With every twist and turn of my head, i can spot almost a high level mount at once. With this twist, it did not disappoint me too, i spotted a White Parade Horse with glimmering armor! Wowwwww. where is this place i wondered.

Uni-versal Beauty.

Not far away from the White Parade Horse, i saw a beauty. Oh allow me to correct myself, i saw TWO beauties, one riding on top of the other. LOL. Okay the unicorn was enough to mesmerise me; skip the girl.

But they were all gathered near a familiar area, the Armia PK Arena but for? OMGWTFBBQ! In the middle of the Arena stood a godly being on a godly mount, one fit for a king. It looks like a unicorn with a Parade Horse's armour. Totally splendid and awesome.

GM Hermes Spectacular Unicorn.

Is this a dream? All my life as a pet trainer, the most rewarding thing which could happen to me, was to see my mount grow up strong and grow in level. If only this was true i muttered, as i felt the images around me start to grow faint.

Up above, some flying object shadowed me. It was a griffin! How often do you see a griffin? Landing beside me, it seems to welcome me with those beautiful wings. So, i decided to make my best moment last, so i rode the Griffin and it brought me around the enchanted lands.

Fly me to the moon, and let me play among the stars.

A large gust of wind suddenly blew across my face. I woke up almost instantly, it was my pet dragon puppy using its wings. Beside my dragon puppy, i saw a bundle of Dragon Puppy Essense lying on the ground. I rubbed my eyes twice, trying to clear my vision but it remained there nonetheless.

No matter where the land was, i felt newfound motivation to train my pet dragon puppy so it could bring me to the enchanted land in my dreams.

Lol just a random post linking all the high level and beauty of all the high level mounts in WYD. hope you liked it. (:

Your Royal Coolness,


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