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Adventures of Coolio the Bounty Hunter (Epi I, Part 1)

Notice: The following entry that you are about to read is inspired by a glitch caused by the Glory Ankh and after the new update. It has something to do with graphics enhancement of the updates and none of the pictures are doctored and are all genuine Screenshots.

The trick is by dropping a Glory Ankh on the ground, you can see special effects either with statues or other items on the ground. (credit to Dark-Legend) He taught me the trick together with -Rm3dyZ and gave me the inspiration for today's entry. So enjoy the Adventures of Coolio as its gonna be full of pictures and i assure you it would be worth your while here today at Cooldude21-wyd.blogspot.com.


In ancient history, it was said that during the Holy War between the Gods and the Mortals lasted decades. It was said that during that chaotic time, the mortals had pleaded to all reputable Weaponsmiths and Armorers to gather at Armia to prepare the world's finest equipments for the mortal army.

When the mortals lost their ground, the respectables Weaponsmiths and Armorers hid their enchanted products everywhere over the lands; rather than granting them to the Gods above. They laid down their lives for a worthy cause and died together with the secret of the locations. For decades, only a few of them had been found and the rest is slowly fading to oblivion.

Coolio, a young inspiring Bounty Hunter residing in the Eastern Part of Armia was doing his usual inspection rounds around the outskirts of Armia, hoping to spot an Ancient Carbuncle for a Laktorerium Scrap.

Through the fog, Coolio could make out some movement in the jungle, more like a tussle. Defying gravity, Coolio sprinted to the exact spot and saw a group of bandits surrounding a helpless lass. There was a bloodied corpse beside the gang of bandits and the lass's cries was filled with sorrow and sadness that Coolio realised that the body was the lass's husband.

Coolio, fueled with immerse anger dashed to the gang and with his Bhopal Sword he sent two of the bandits to see Hades. One of the men looked the most well-dressed with a leather vest and snakeskin boots; and he ordered his men to capture Coolio. From the bushes and greenery around, more men sprouted out as tho they were saplings from the seeds burried underground.

Coolio felt a stinging pain from his left arm, blood trickled down as he had been struck by a bandit with a Warhammer. Eyes gazing at the young lady and then to the Chief Bandit who was about to rape her, Coolio bursted out and within a second he had transformed into a Astaroth.

Coolio created a sandstorm with his massive wings and carried the lady a few metres away. "You must leave, head north out of the woods and towards a city called Armia! NOW!" instructed Coolio.

Just as he finished his sentence, an arrow pierced through one of his wings. Seeing that the lady has ran a safe distance away, Coolio then mustered his strength to morph into a Titan.

With toughened skin as hardy as diamonds, Coolio tried to withstand all the attacks rained on him, to delay their pursuit of the young lady. The Chief Bandit, Azilor as they called him, using his Heavenly Bow, focusing all his attention on Coolio fired a Rapid Shot.

*Pfft* as the arrows blasted Coolio one by one in chorus with Coolio's shouts of agony. Coolio was weakened as Azilor rested his feet on his face. The sound of insulting laughter was heard all around as Azilor spat on his face.

"Trying to play hero eh my lad? I was about to have fun with that chick and here you are trespassing into our party." scorned Azilor as he bashed Coolio.

Before Coolio fainted, he could make out a galloping sound; made by one of the finest steed in Armia nearing him. The bandit chief removed his feet from Coolio's face and sounds of weapons clashing could be heard; and everything went dark for Coolio.

When Coolio woke up he found himself in a familiar environment, a clear contrast from the jungle where he last remembered he was at. The door opened and there stood a woman, not the ordinary townfolks but a trained foema has walked in.

"You are safe here at Armia now my boy." said the foema as she introduced herself as Dark-Legend.

Behind her was another skilled warrior by the name of -Rm3dyZ and together they explained to Coolio that they had heard a commotion and rushed to the scene and managed to save him from the cruel gang of bandits.

"Thank you, for saving my worthless life." stuttered Coolio, feeling ashamed that he was not strong like them.

Dark-Legend and -Rm3dyZ then guided Coolio to a shrine and told him about the lore of the forgotten weapons. Dark-Legend could sense Coolio's inferiority and righteousness and felt that he deserved something better than a +7 Bhopal Sword.

They were chatting about the Lore when the shrine shone brightly, as tho sending out a message. Obviously shakened by the Shrine's changes, Coolio was left frozen in awe. The foema nodded her head, seemingly agreeing on something that Coolio could not decipher what.

The Shrine glowed brightly.
Dark-Legend and -Rm3dyZ smiled as they explained to the young Bounty Hunter that it was time for him to be rewarded. Dark-Legend then proceeded to unwield some of her equipments for Coolio to admire.
"Wow! Legendary Armor parts and Ancient Ice Talons of the Dragon?" exclaimed the awe-struck Coolio.

Dark-Legend explaining about the rare parts.

The Lore about the hidden treasures are real and the Shrine has blessed Coolio with a enchanted weapon. Dark-Legend explained that in order to find the secret loot, you have to obtain a Glory Ankh from the statues of Zeus all over the land of WYD. One would have to pray with utmost sincerity in order to move the souls of the fallen mortal comrades in order to obtain the Light of Guidance.

Coolio, feeling rejuvenated all of a sudden, packed his bag and decided to start right away. Thanking Dark-Legend and -Rm3dyZ he mounted his Fenrir and bode farewell to his saviours.

Coolio went all around the lands, from the bustling town of Armia, to the Holy town of Erion, to the desert outlands of Azran, to the cold and unfeeling Nifleheim and finally to the Royal Kingdom of Noatum to pray to the statues of Zeus. None of them granted him a Glory Ankh and Coolio felt really dejected.

He strolled back to Armia, heart heavy with sorrow as a tear trickled down his face and on the ground. The teardrop glowed and caught Coolio's teary eyes. Alas! Coolio was right in front of the Statue of Zeus located at Armia!

"Thou shall be the chosen one for this decade! Go With Your Destiny!" heard in Coolio's head when he bent low to pay his respects.

Coolio paying his respect to the Glowing Statue.

Opening his clenched fist, a beautiful gem-like object gleamed with brightness, almost like radiation. Coolio knows this was the Glory Ankh and attached it to his crystal necklace and kept it safely.

With newfound motivation, Coolio stood up with renewed strength and went towards the Nifleheim Harbour to travel south-west for his Quest of the Ancient Artifacts.

Coolio ready for his Destiny.

~ To Be Continued ~
Heheh thats all for today guys, hope you enjoyed the adventures of Coolio and stay tuned for tomorrow's entry to see if Coolio did find the Ancient Artifact!
With Your Destiny.
Your Royal Coolness,

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