Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Meeting My Other Half of Me.

I woke up in the morning and check out how my CC went, and expectedly, there was a letter to tell me i've gotten my prize from the WYD Journal Event. I opened it, and there was three sentences instead of the usual one. (if u participate you'll get what i mean)

One word to best describe my feelings. WTF? Nice guess almost but not quite. Flabbergasted is the word i'd use.

Finally, my streak of best entries ended; and i know all good things will come to an end; what goes up must come down, etc you get my point.

But, i did not expect it to be my previous post that lost it as i felt it was written pretty well balanced with pictures. Good old blogs with words and feelings coupled with some pictures dont work out now i figured. Comics, majorly edited pictures will do the trick. Im disappointed. Very.

Sigh, CMs do have their right to pick the winners to their own discretion so what can i do? :/ Get on with life i guess.

Thanks RoyalRumble of guild Disturbed and OP of Malaysia Academy and the people who consoled and still supported me and my humble blog. Your kind words of motivation will get me going for the next four days.

So i dont really have the mood to write nicely so i just flood today's post with pictures. :/


So i was in-game and i was f*cking astonished. Suddenly outta nowhere, a splitting image of myself appeared and started talking to me. crap.

Woah. Who da hell are you?

I asked him who he was and if he was my evil clone. And we started quarreling.

Wait, your mum is my mum!

So started exchanging your-mum insults and realised, his mum was mine and vice versa. So we exchanged blows instead. (no, not that kind you horny a$$ lol)

You visited me at a wrong day pal!

He said he was here to calm me down from what has happened at the WYD Journal and told me life hafta go on. But i was too pissed and disappointed to listen, so i let my knuckles do the talking. *POW*

We're the X-twins. X_x


Ow, get your face outta my arse.

Damn, stop using Hair-Hax0r hair cream noob.
So we wrestled and fought with each other as he was really getting on my nerves and adding to my frustration. And finally i managed to subdue him.

Dont need captions to tell you what he's doing.

See how irritatin he can get. lol.

That's it.
I pressed Alt-F4 and bailed myself out from WYD for awhile, only to find myself blogging bout WYD. crap.
No more whining, im off to meet friends and enjoy life and not occupy myself trying to find reasons why i didnt win a blog entry of day. Its not a matter of Laks, but a matter of effort. Screw it. Tata.

Thanks to MisterCuddles aka the Knowns for his inspiration for today's post.

Thanks again to RoyalRumble bro, your encouragement means alot to me. I know you're reading this.

Without you two, there wouldnt be an entry today either. Thank You.

Stay tune for more entries as we near the end of WYD Journal Event i guess.

Reflections and my personal opinion of how the future of this WYD Journal Event gonna be up soon too.

Your Royal Dampness,


CM Dhar said...

Sigh another mistake from me yesterday i forgot to include -Soloran- on the winning list and now i forgot to include you on the outstanding blog entry of the day eventhough you are included in that list in my draft.

I apologize for the matter. a bit hectic ( doing the evil slash presurized month community report today for about 15 hours straight )

and today is my day off but still working at home.. :(

haha i need some fresh air and a nice rest. you will get your additional 2 laks tommorow.

Cooldude21 said...

Ahhh. i understand now. Sorry to hear that you're still working despite it being your day off.

Yes, please enjoy ur break from work.

haha Laks aint the problem its more of the effort and the sense of achievement.

at least this mistake motivated me to have today's post which i think is pretty good lol.

dont hafta apologise kay, haha. go rest now. gogo!

-Soloran- said...

Hey buddy,

can you tell me what image editor you use for your graphics? I kinda need an update from my irfanview that I use right now.