Thursday, August 14, 2008

Academy League!

Your mum walked passed your bedroom and caught a glance of you pointing a middle finger (_l_ lol.) to your computer monitor; startled, she walked in and asked you why.

"oh, damn GMs spamming stuff on my screen, f*cking pissed!" you burst out.

(Attention WYDians!)

(Academy League will be in 15 minutes time!)

(At Server 3 Armia Arena!)

Familiar? Yep, no matter if youre afk merchanting, hunting for quest tickets or even busy PK-ing desert AFK-ers, you will get the message spammed at the top of your screen.

Curious to find out what is it? You are reading the correct blog at the correct time as today's entry's gonna be about the Academy League! (yay? lol)

An example of how a league looks like

I provided the link for you (if you missed it again) if you want to visit the actual WYD webpage for information on the league; however it is not very exact and accurate as at now.

Academy League like the name suggests, is a two hour (on average) affair that let players from different academies fight with each other for the sole ownership of the Arena. The last remaining Academy will win the tournament.

Academy Leagues are held on three (3) separate days at different time to cater for all WYDians from different time zones. (we're global you see) The motive is to let WYDians participate in it at least once. But if youre a hardcore fan like me, you'd try to be present all three days. haha.

Fridays will be at 12:00 - 14:00

Saturdays will be at 22:00 - 24:00

Sundays will be at 05:00 - 07:00

Are you worried that you would get pwned by people double or thrice your level? Fret not, the smart people at the WYD team has already foreseen this problem and had split the league into three (not including OP League) divisions.

Beginners category is for players from level 1 to 150

Advanced category is for players from level 151 to 255

Hardcore category is for players from level 256 to 369

Winners of all categories will receive one Lak Powder each together with a GM's Global Announcement of the winning Academy, bringing pride and name to your respective countries.

So today i attended the Academy League and woot the friendly CMs were around to mingle with the WYDians again! So i went to greet them and took a few screenies for me to post :P

How sporting they were! to sit on the ground and strike a pose for a nice screenie so i spammed my Prt Sc button lol. Pardon me for some poor pictures as there were simply too many players crowding around too lol.


Are you ready for a RARE picture?!

CM Dhar later rode his gigantic steed around and CM Nyx requested to ride his steed. (awww lucky steed j/k LOL) So CM Dhar passed her slayer hammers and steed and we have a very rare appearance of CM Nyx on a steed wielding slayer hammers!!

Korean housewife wants to fight for nation too! lmao!

So we were slacking around hoping to see CM Nyx upskirt maybe (lmao) but instead we discovered another great secret! Have you ever wondered what character CM Nyx was? Yes she got the face of my sweetheart Shany (at Nifleheim) but what class was her?

If you are observant enough, you can spot CM Nyx's feet! Yes its a Rake Boots! So CM Nyx is a huntress, so those who called her granny gotta careful if not she might strike you with Rapid Shot or something lol.

Ah-ha! Rake boots spotted!

Okay, time for my division battle to start, gotta get ready so i bade the lovely CMs goodbye and they were so sweet when i bade farewell.

GMs and CMs will be at the Arena, ready to summon you in. So if you want to get in, firstly use /tab Beginner, /tab Advanced, /tab Hardcore according to your respective division and stay near a GM.

Please bear in mind you gotta be patient, as GMs needa check your equipment (huh for what? scroll down) and your level before he summons you in. Yes, only if GM missed you, then you can start spamming, "GM summon me please ffs!" if not please, refrain from spamming (if not i will be pointing the middle finger at my screen lol)

So, what are the rules of the league?

One major and serious rule to follow
  • No /relo-ing or save spot + warp scroll-ing into the arena at any time.
For all three categories, no mounts, imps, naiads or grewpains allowed at any time.

For Beginners Category, no ancient weapons and +10, +11 parts allowed.

For Advance Category, +10, +11 parts allowed but im not sure about Ancient weaps.*

For Hardcore Category, +10, +11 parts allowed but im not sure again bout the Ancient Weaps.*

*Sorry but i really have no knowledge and so far i havent seen anyone use Ancient Weaps in those two category.

There's another league after all three are finished; its called the Operators' League where all Operators battle it out for respect and their Academies. I got no idea why it was held at another server (s1) but yea usually its at the same server. (time constraint maybe?)

I dont think its a good idea to change the venue as their guildmates could not witness the battle between the OPs, since they are taking part in their own divisions.

So now that you got the information you need, go ahead and have fun representin your academies!

Btw here are the results of today's league (15.8.08) with a brief summary.

Beginner - Singapore (Yay lol)

The usual competition Sweden and Malaysia was not present and therefore numbers got Singapore the win.

Advanced - Malaysia

Malaysia won the league despite all odds with the help of Espada001 who used to be from Sweden. They had only two or three participants and it ended with Espada001 the MagicKnight vs NurseOnDuty from Phillipines which was a BloodMage with +11 AD set.

Hardcore - Singapore (Yay again lol)

Many participants in this category and Singapore emerged victorious after a three way battle of 3 BeastMasters from Brazil, Malaysia and Singapore. Eventually GMs have to ban using of pots and Singapore walked away with the win.

Here are some screenies i took of CM Dhar, GM Nemesis and GM Loki! Enjoy.

i'm sure she meant it lol.

CM Dhar staring at GM Nemesis' Cleavage.

Cute and petite GM Loki!

Nah, no point, they cant die anyway lol.

Hope today's entry has inspired and guided you to join the next Academy League or at least spectate. hehe.

Feel free to comment and stick around for tomorrow's entry! :D

Your Royal Coolness,



CM DHAR said...

i will tell you a secret.. Nyx is a foema but she wears a rake boots.... be careful of her thunder buff especially inside the PK arena.. now its not a secret anymore XD

Cooldude21 said...

LOL foema who wear rake boots? Get outta town! u serious? haha.

wooo, next time i see her imma view more closely hehh.