Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i Miss you all~

Hello hello, its your Royal Coolness once again and im not here to stay for good but im here to give out my 2 cents! hohohoho.

Thanks for the visits to my site tho its been vacant. i've uninstalled my WYD, deleted everything cept the favorites in my IE (soon will tho lol) but i will never abandon this blog and its achievement! :D

WYD Journal Event

Yea, so it is finalised, the Event's Grand Prize been changed to Ancient God weap with no stats. LOL really laughable. Thank goodness i left early. :P

Can see many up and coming new bloggers tho, keep it up :D

Imbalances in the Game.

Lol. they wanna tell us how imbalanced it was to have perfect stats weaps given to bloggers who blog everyday and crack their nuts, i mean brain to conjure up wonderful entries. Now look at this Update link.

They're giving away wonderful prizes, and TONNES of them to people who spend on Wcoins during the month of September. They just made the saying, "The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer" so freaking true.

Lol. well i dont know man just my 2 cents gotta let it out. Hope this game's management wont go bad the same way in SD.

No offence tho! peace out :P

Your Royal Coolness,


MSTR-FOEMA said...

Coolio we miss you too @@ anyway its good that you still read those blogs actualy, as you can see I am starting to have fun @@!!! Anyway coolio journal event really sucks without you, wish you can come back bro

Chewy said...

Miss eu~~~