Saturday, September 6, 2008

What A Day!

In case you're wondering wheres part II of what to expect in my blog, no i havent forgot bout it. But today was such a eventful day that i thought i send part II to a later date. So much happened today lol and i'd thought i share with you guys.

If youre sick of Coolio's wordy entries and cant be bothered reading, today's post is just for you! full of Pictures :D

Anyways Academy League Results for Day 2.

  • Beginner Division: Malaysia Academy
  • Advance Division: Malaysia Academy
  • Hardcore Division: Malaysia Academy
  • OP Division: Germany Academy

No, your eyes arent playing tricks with you. Its a Malaysia Hat Trick. HAHAHA lol. Malaysia has too much in numbers so much so they fill almost half the Armia Arena.

How come Malaysia has that much people you might ponder, well its because its held 9pm on a Saturday, and we contact each other to tell them the server of League, therefore we have great attendance. (:

Unity! :D
Yes CM Dhar paid a rare visit at this time as he usually doesnt attend Saturday's league. hehe. But he was Lalaland God for the day and he and his Lalaland tribal mates captured me :(

There were so many Lalaland members it scares me, of cos no prize for guessing it all started with -Carbuncle- the Lalaland Princess. Lol. Finally i broke free from the evil Lalaland.

Picture a man who escaped from a Mall of Living Zombies in the twilight sky.


There was Guild War today and battle for Armia S1 where taxes are tempting and rewarding. However there was a man called Balmus, the tax keeper who was spamming non-stop!

I tried to contact Alia to help me teach this broke a lesson, alas, he aint online :( LOL. So pissed off with his spamming, i tried to do all i could to shut his gap.

Yes i tried all methods, from begging him to STFU to giving him a super KUNGFU KICK! but it all went to nought as he still spams like an arse. ARGHHHH really driving me crazy!

Even Balmus is affected by today's GW for taxes!

Left with Hudson's choice, you know what they always say. "If you cant beat them, join them" LOL. So i became Balmus II lol, in the sub conscious mind i heard myself spamming too. OMG!


What a fun-filled day and i hope you enjoyed it as much i did. I dont know who won Armia but we'll find out in tomorrow's post wont we? (:

Stick around then! :D

Your Royal Coolness,

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