Thursday, September 4, 2008

Reflections bout Season 1 Winners. Part II

So there was a big boo-boo when the winners were announced and i kinda brought it up but if you guys missed it then too bad hiek hiek. :P Poor CM Dhar is having his day off and i hope you enjoy your day :D

Met up with CM Aruman over the incident and boy was he a really nice and suportive CM. He was the one who took over Archimaster as the hippest and most fashionable WYDian alive. Lol if you refer to this entry you know more.

Now boosted with two Giantic tree logs as his weapons, speak an ill-advised word and you'd be bashed to death lol.

So what happened? im all yours.
CM Aruman was a faithful reader of my blog and im glad he reads it daily. Such support is really appreciated and he said he was a BoyBand kinda guy in the past. Just like me. LOL. He liked Shape of my Heart too! xD
and he like how i signed off with Your Royal Coolness lol. Really a CM who will brighten up your day. (or night)
And due to his packed schedule he gtg and we bade farewell :D

His weapons... not his swimming trunks. -.-
Anyways lets continue to the next five winners of Season One and let the recognition and spotlight shine on them (:

Yes a friend who i recommended to bout WYD Journal, i always share good stuff with my friends. SultanJohor was my guildmate from Malaysia Academy and we had much fun and he often gave tips to make a good TK. Since, he has moved on to become OP of Global Academy and i wish him success :D

SultanJohor's weblog holds many of his funny thinking and his love for Transknight and gore. Edited pictures like him holding a +11 Ancient Machine Gun never fails to tickle me LOL. Tho he entered late he still managed to win the grand prize kudos to you Apis bro. :)
7. Tuta
Tuta's God with his Prize hidden. lol.
Tuta, was one of my early menace in Academy League before i graduated from Malaysia Academy. He was strong with his +9 Ancient PD Lightning Spear and his 8th nature skill. Often PK us in Hydra quest and at the League and now he has moved on to Shield guild to continue being my menace (im in Zeus btw) LOL.

Puppy's Lair, one of the most unrelated names to WYD but still packs a punch about WYD. He was MIA most of the time but his entries tho short, were entertaining. Entries like his suggestions for Olympics sports in WYD and useless items sold in WYD really made me chuckle.

8. wickedness

wickedness is a foema and is a fan of the black foema as her blog name suggests. Not a very close friend and i have not the chance to speak to him at all. Hope to look forward to meeting u in game. (:

the blog was helpful and in his recent post, he showed a kind gesture by showing how the disqualified bloggers how to add stuff in their blogroll or bloglist. Now, aint that sweet?

9. Alia

Alia, someone in Shield guild which i barely had the chance to talk to. Even tho i tried talking to him in-game he just seemed so busy lol.

In and Out of the Game is his blog's name and he is famous for his motivational posters which has some really creative work. Then he made a gore-filled (Im sure u love it SultanJohor hehe) comic about the tax saga.

10. newbcaKe

newbcaKe is not really a newb, hehe he merely uses the hunter for this event from what i know. till now his main character remains a mystery and i hope we have the chance to converse in-game my friend. (:

Newbcake's Nooblog is a blog full of comic strips and is really entertaining. If you have a tiring day of just wanna relax and not think too much, check this blog out for a laugh. Recently he posted a post on how to photoshop with GIMP. Tho i tried it out im still really newb at using it. hehe.


And that sums up the past 10 winners of Season 1 and now Season 2 has been trimmed down to only 5 monthly weapons! How challenging and tight the race will be now.

Oh and btw, special thanks to SuperHighMe my guildmate for selling me a Removal Enamel that removed the red in my breastplate. Now i look gorgeous and heres a screenie to prove that. :P

I thought i saw a coin lying around here somewhere...

Alright its time for me to tackle the second weekly topic and i have something to work on but im not sure if it would work out. Curious? Stay tuned here at Old School's Cooldude! :D

Your Royal Coolness,


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