Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Final Farewell.

Goodbye my lovers.
Goodbye my friends.
You have been the one.
You have been the one for~ me.

-James Blunt

I'm not gonna post today's topic as a summission in CM Lair as i dont intend to get prizes for this anymore. This will be my last and final entry and its gonna be lengthy, so spare some time for me wont ya?

Before i start, i wanna thank all you readers for the 1,000 hits at this blog. Its an amazing feat for me and i really appreciate you guys reading. really.

I'm the first blogger to post my picture up and many of you guys share your comments and even SultanJohor edited my picture which i really liked. None but one said i needed a makeover lol, i cant be fcuked bout what you think really. Dont hafta mention the name you can find it for yourself. (:

I'm famous and have reputation as a blogger in WYD now. People want me to use my blog to continue blogging for the Ancient Weap, but sorry guys, no can do. My style of writing is very distinctive and i would like to leave this blog clean and not abuse it.

I made this WYD Magazine coverpage and intended to summit it for the fan art event but since im leaving i'd share with you guys.

Its a sudden and swift change i know you guys may feel. One moment i just won Season 1 and the 1st weekly prize for Season 2 and now im leaving. Well, im just so disappointed in my luck in this game. Therefore this entry will be full of my opinions, opinions that i didnt voice out due to the backlash i might receive if i let it out.

You ready? Here we go.


Reason i left.

Firstly, what are you reasons for gaming? No matter what your reasons might be, it all boils down to this final point; to have fun. If you read my post in August i was hooked to the money cube and i still am.

From 150mil which i scrimped and save by joining leagues, making sub accounts for free hp pots and whatever a dedicated gamer will do, i made it to 400mil. The greed in me persisted and eventually i got it to 1 billion.

Only way to win in gambling is to know when to stop like i mentioned before and i didnt. i kept on trying and proceeded to lose it all. From the heavens i fell down to hell, so fast that i skipped Earth.

A billionaire for 30 seconds.

Im having fun playing this game really. But the disappointment i receive is far far greater. I even sold the 10 Laks you see for 45mil and played the cube; wanting to make a comeback and made it to 85mil and lost it all again :D

Logged my sub account which had 16mil made it to 30mil and lost it all again :D

The disappointment and sadness i felt was contradicting my reasons to play on, and read on to know what are the other factors.

Golden tip for you: If you made a 100% profit, its time to stop really. You see the pattern around here?




Regarding the Ancient Weapon Hoo-ha

So i know there was this guild gathering where all leaders and OPs attended with GM Helius and they were briefed on the oncoming events and stuff.

Many of them complained that the WYD Journal Event prizes of giving Ancient Weapon was too unfair, imbalanced and what not. Well, i agree but to a certain extent.

You see, i too feel that increasing the total winners from 3 to 10 was a terrible mistake made by the team. It will spoil the balance of the game tremendously.

A simple and shallow example will be that 6 winners outta the 10 were in blue guilds. 1 in red, thats me. and the rest pending. Imba? go figure.

I felt that at most CMs should do was to increase it to FIVE (5) at most. But oh well the decision is final so now people are complaining bout Season 2.

It was supposedly decided that GM Helius that the prize will become a +9 God Weapon, no ancient. Well, who the hell will put in so much effort to blog for a month for that? Well maybe some of you but definitely not me.

Whats worse? you break your god weap when you ancient and there goes 1 month of hard work down the drain :) so, if you really wanna change it to +9 god weap, prepare for junk blogs.

Well, i audaciously say i deserve a 72dmg/32map +9 Ancient Weap as i really put in my 101% into my blog and if you think blogging is easy, think again. Everyday i hafta rack my brains for new topics to write on, i go in-game find and create nice screenies and then edit it and again with research and readings i try to conjure up my masterpiece.

If you think im being haughty, proud and disrespectful, sorry to say i wouldnt be saying this if i do not have confidence and backup. :D




Alright enough bout the sad and controversies already, lets move on to the bright side of life. Writing is an enjoyment to me and i win all writing competitions held even in the old SD where i won all 3 Destiny Stories Untold Events either 1st or 2nd place. For those SD mates you would get what i mean.


This game has allowed me to meet many many friends globally and the management team is really competent. I enjoyed most of the events created and have had great fun since 19 April 2008.

Sorry i cant possibly mention all the names out but you guys know who you are. Really thank you guys if you have talked to me, pk-ed me, and what not, you guys are part of my Destiny here in WYD Global. However, one really deserve to be singled out.

CM Dhar

CM Dhar is really an important figure in WYD now and as well as the rest of the CM team whether you are behind the stage doing technical stuff or paper works, you guys rock really.

Since the introduction of CMs i think around 6 August 2008, gaming has never been better. CMs will always be there to create the mood and mingle around with you guys. They organize and brainstorm events every month to cater to players who dont just wanna do pure grinding in game.

CM Dhar was more of just a CM to player relationship to me, we kinda develop into friends as we speak mainly about events and feelings. Perhaps it was his job well done that i feel this way as thats what a Community Manager is supposed to do; mingle with the community and make them feel happy and welcomed. Well Dhar im sure you're doing a fantastic job.

Even tho i left this game perhaps maybe we could still keep in touch either via your blogsite, friendster or even my email which i sent to wyd_cm@gamenetworks.com (new email for events and community questions to the CMs)





I'm really proud and satisfied of what i am today ingame and even tho im just a puny lv 312 newb God Hunter, i truly enjoyed the process of getting my perfect E grade set with Anct PD God Bow together on a lv 71 Fenrir. With high potential of getting a +10 set of God Armors perfect stats if i stay on.

I achieved all this without spending a single cent and i nurtured it from level 1 with my old hands. I didnt share accounts, didnt trade accounts and didnt use spirit seals to get a Celestial to where i am now. Therefore i feel all the more contented.

However i invested lotsa time as i spend at least 15 hours (WTF? i know LOL) ever since i started my holidays when im not going out. Of cos the 15 hours were not just pure grinding etc but also chatting with the wonderful community we have there. I even continued blogging when i have my final and major exams and on the 15 Sept i would get my results.

Dont know if i will flunk any, but really bear in mind, i spend lotsa effort in this blog event and i feel i truly deserve it (:

Last look of Coolio

Alright i really loved this event and i really treasure the process of my Destiny in this game but i'm leaving now, particially because im gonna serve National Service (aka Army) soon for 2 years so i cant game much anyway.

My account has been passed (lol go figure) to one of my bestest mate since SD and so will all my sub accounts too. Hes matured and wont tarnish my reputation but do take note it aint the Royal Coolness anymore.

Alright adios amigos. Peace out.

For the final time,

Your Royal Coolness,

Cooldude21 -xoxo


CM Dhar said...

NS oh my.. the number 1 reason why Singaporeans quit playing an MMO.

anyway i respect your decision bro looks like i cant stop you from leaving :D

Thank you for playing and blogging about WYD and good luck to your endeavors...

Cooldude21 said...

thanks bro. haha glad to made friends with ya :D

good luck in ur events too! thanks for being a part of my gaming life!

MSTR-FOEMA said...

Well coolio as I said in game sad that you won't be here anymore but I would really like to clear out some things here:

1- The guy he is talking about in the getting accounts and buying celestial with seal is me..I know that you are pointing to that and I would like to make it clear that I am just like you a guy who didn't spend a cent on this game..if i sealed my god class char and trade it with money for a celestial and saved myself a fortune that is actually called smart my friend, no shame about it as those are called business skills, how to make max profit from what you have so yah, if you didn't have that chance its okay but I am proud of my lvl 40 celestial hunter yeah.

The guy who said you need a makeover is me, anyone who looked at the 3 comments at you picture can know its me =.=' no need for searching actually, about that I would like to say that I was kidding and that there was no offence, I just kinda said what I thought @@ I could have given you the " OMG you look awesome xD" but that wasn't really what crossed my mind, all what I meant that you looked wierd TO ME which is probably because I guess I never saw someone from singapore yah

Beside all that I merely wish you good luck as I really dunno how this event will be without you actually, my tough competetor coolio is now gone ;( anyways it seems to me that you are determined so talking you out of it is kinda useless I guess.

Good luck and have fun my friend ^^

PS: When I commented at the pic I meant put whatever you wear on top OUTSIDE your pants LOL just to be sure @@

Cooldude21 said...

lol firstly, i have the chance but i chose not to.

secondly, i didnt said i was offended :/ but figured u're not used to asian looks.

in ur ps u mean tuck out? lol if we did it'd look untidy. lol anyways thanks for commenting as always comments are welcome

bye omar :D

wickedness said...

coolio!! hi hi!
omg you're leaving the game :(
i haven't meet you in game yet but i always read your blog. im one of those ppl who contributed to the 1000 hits :D

it's really a sad idea that you are leaving the game but i know theRE are more important things than this game (altho WYD has already became part of me life :P).

anyway, i wish you goodluck in all your endeavors:D

Cooldude21 said...

hehe hello wickedness! i saw you ingame before but i think u were afk :(

thanks for reading my blog hehe and commenting too.

thank you and good luck too :D