Sunday, September 7, 2008

Anticipate the Unexpected this Season! Part II

This is Part 2 of the Weekly Topic "What to expect in my blog this season". It will cover primarily on what you will see here at Old School's Cooldude in the near future.

Welcome to my life.

With arms wide open,
Under the sunlight.
Welcome to this place,
I'll show you everything.

With arms wide open - Creed

One of my favorite songs, i welcome you guys to Season 2 with me here with arms wide open! :D
I've received plenty of comments bout my blog in Season 1. Trust me, plenty. All of them were positive ones and were compliments lol maybe the critics are not telling me themselves haha.
CM Dhar's comment was a nice one. One that would summarise what others have said. As you probably would have figured, i emphasize alot on variety, therefore i've gotten this comment from CM Dhar himself haha.

His comments matched my aim perfectly. Magazines come in different kinds, but i guess mine was more of the Entertainment and Variety kind; ironically i rarely read magazines haha.

So expect more constant variety and entertaining content here at my blog.




Secondly, i'm gonna try my hands on stuff i already touched, but did not majorly cover on. Something that could get me far ahead and would welcome lotsa commotion. It starts with C, no prizes got getting it right tho lol.

Yes, i'm gonna try my hands at trying to make Comic Strips too, or maybe even Cartoon drawings. So stick around if you want more of that (:




Thirdly, you guys are in for something really really different. How different you would ask. You guys ever heard of Vlog? It means video logging, meaning you blog with a video instead of writing words. I'm gonna try my hands on it i hope it'll go smooth cos i dont know if my handphone-taken video will be too big to upload. >_<

No, not purely only on what is going on in-game but also you get to see more of me; in the flesh. Haha. Lol i've been notified many times by CM Dhar that my face will be visible and available to all WYD players as it will be posted up on the site.

But i am ready. Lol. Perhaps many of you are wondering how Coolio really looks like in reality. Therefore i decided to post a picture of myself right here to let you readers have a brief idea of how i look like before i scare you guys with my video lol.

Narcissism aint a crime. :P

Hehe hope i didnt scare you guys off. Fourthly, expect more rewarding activities organized by me. I organized a trivia in my blog in Season 1 which sadly only 1 person took part that is my bud MSTR-FOEMA. haha. I gave away my daily award of 3 Laks to him.

So i hope more people will participate in my activities in Season 2. Ideas are gushing through my mind and some of these activities are going to be held in-game so if you see me spamming like a madman, why not head down and join my games and of cos, there will be rewards :D

If you missed them, dont worry i'll blog bout it and give you guys a brief idea of what has happened.




Thrilled enough i hope? haha. So this is a brief summary of what to expect right here. Hope it makes you interested and remember to check back tomorrow for a new entry! (:

Your Royal Coolness,



MSTR-FOEMA said...

Nice post coolio keep it up :D

@ you picture...

I really dunno bro..DAMN?!!! I mean DAMN IT LOOL that's so different from the image that I had in my mind LOOL I say cut your hair, chnage your shirt and dun put whatver you wear on top inside your pants!! In over words get a makeover...PERIOD!!

Well am just kidding ZombieDude so dun be look tight bro, can't ait till your vids come in..hearing your voice too will be so much fun LOL

Bro chnage the name please, this is earth man!!

have fun and see you in game hehe :P

PS: No offence bro I just couldn't hold ROTFLOL

-Soloran- said...

Hmmmm, must be church time or something. Anyways, Ill probably post a picture on the blog of mine so everyone can match up what I look like. :D

nice blog BTW

cm dhar said...

sorry awhile ago.. been called in an emergency meeting about the future events.