Monday, September 1, 2008

Reflections bout the things i'd learnt in WYD Journal Season 1

Disclaimer: This will be a long and rather wordy entry and you might get hooked on it, so you are advised to spare at least 10 minutes of your time and Coolio holds no responsibility if you are late or something due to reading this LOL.

Guess who's back...

Back again...
Coolio's back...
Here again!

Firstly, a big WELCOME to my faithful readers lol. During the past 5 days tho i havent been posting, still my blog counter went up. My poll showed that 7 readers were here on a daily basis and 2 were not. Thank you guys for all the support you've shown, i really appreciate it deeply.

Yes i took a hiatus a day before Season 1 ended, but fret not this hiatus will not last, cos im back! :D

So, before i officially start, lemme give u a slight flashback to 7th August 08 when i first started this blog. I had my qualms about starting a blog as you can read on the 8th August 08.

After that, with the words of encouragement from fellow WYDians and nice CMs, the next 20 posts all come to place naturally. You see, i was a newb at blogging. I didnt know how to add a counter to my blog, didnt know the features well and all i did was to meddle around and try my luck.

Old School Cooldude! is my first ever blog and boy has it been a wonderful experience. I learnt a couple of things and it has been summarised to these few points.

I have learnt...

  • to dare to try out new things and not fret over the outcome too much; thus creating this blog.

  • to utilize my creative brain juices to entertain my readers with trivia contests, creative unedited screenies and some food for thought.

  • to manage my time better for gaming, blogging, studies and my lifestyle as well; thus you see my 22 consecutive winning entries in a row.

  • to interact better with my readers and fellow WYDians as they mentioned they could easily relate and my entries kept them entertained.

  • to improve my already huge liking for writing and connect to people's mind and hearts.

  • Well, thats all i could think of for now. hehehehh.

Alright am gonna hand out a tip for you to be successful in blogging. You ready?

Release your inner soul and let it flow. -Cooldude21

Yes, releasing your inner soul and let go with the flow. Thats what i did to get what i gotten today. Let the unidentified inner self show itself and you'd be amazed by it.

Be original and not plagarize your entries. Copying + Pasting won't win you the daily prizes. Blog bout what you hafta say bout something and start inducing your readers. Of cos, you gotta be careful about their feelings and not flame others or write stuff that might offend your readers.

I always believe in consistency coupled with variety, they might contradict each other in a way but if done well, will cater to many of your audience.

Therefore some entries i wrote novel-like stuff like Coolio's Adventures.

Informative and sometimes helpful posts like the Academy League.

Entries that combine real-life and in-game like the Beijing Olympics 2008 fever.

Pictorial and colourful entries like Meeting My Other Half of Me.

And many many more.

This could be a winning formula, i feel. Thereafter i received a comment from CM Dhar that i truly agree upon which will be covered next post. :D

Alright enough bout my personal opinions and stuff i've learnt. Let me highlight some major happenings during my 5 day hiatus.

So it was the official end of Season 1 and i am honoured to be one of the 10 who won the grand prize of an ancient god weapon of our choice. Im a hunter and therefore i picked a PD 63dmg Isis if youre wondering what i chose.

CM Dhar was very thoughtful and appeared ingame to congratulate the winners "personally" (well behind the monitor but oh well whatever LOL). So i took my +9 statless Isis and with the Hunter's skill, Illusion, i teleported next to CM Dhar and held her hostage! WAHAHAHAHAHHHAHA. :D

Wheres my PD Isis DHARRRRRRRR??!!!!!1111 lol.
Wahaha jk i aint that mean. Dhar made some very constructive comments that helped motivate me for tomorrow's entry!! (thanks CM Dhar ^^)
A letter appeared in my screen or should i say the ransom for CM Dhar's release LOL. I opened it and YIPPEEEEEEE!
My Isis was here and it was one of the happiest moment in my gaming life and i felt a GREAT TREMENDOUS HUGE LARGE GIGANTIC sense of achievement. Believe me its larger then life.

SultanJohor and claire were there too when CM Dhar was kidnapped but they were too happy to help free her LOL. So i suggest we took a screenie together! Was such a joyous occasion that i really felt my hard work and efforts paid off well.

(From left): SultanJohor, Cooldude21, claire
This whole week might be dedicated to reflections, thoughts and opinions depending on the mood so be ready for it! :)
I wanna thank all of you again for congratulating me ingame, msn, phone, pigeon carriers (oops jk) and thank you for sparing time to read my blog i really appreciate it and your attendance contributes to my success too. Thank you once again.
Hope more of you will comment here and let me acknowledge your most welcomed presence. Love you all. Peace out.
Your Royal Coolness,


-Soloran- said...


Nice blog man, Im sure there will be others that are new who will try and compete with us. :D


MSTR-FOEMA said...

nice one coolio, the ex champs are back :P dude this one is going to be really tough I can feel it :D good luck to you bro with laks and 1 of the 5 monthly for the weekly winner lets all just kill each other for it LOL

no seriously best of luck ^^

btw where did u get the counter from @@? I wan add one too lol

-Soloran- said...

hey buddy

congrats on winning the first day of the event.

me and you all the way. :D

CM Dhar said...

hello ex-champs :D

anyway he got his counter from here..
i caught lots of diaqualified entries today XD

Cooldude21 said...

hello guys thanks for the undying support! grats to you guys too ^^

lol. claire got dq? o_O

heya mstr bro u can get my counter from the link below my counter. (:

rock on wyd bloggers :D